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Why OfficePro?


Since our founding in 1984, our mission has developed parallel to user needs as they have evolved from a freshly created computer market in the 80’s to the saturated technological world we live in today.  As a result, OfficePro holds the experience and the credibility of a company that has watched technology’s greatest successes, from the floppy to the iPhone, and the understanding that is born from it. This experience allows us to foresee trends and the ability to stay ahead of the

curve as technology increasingly changes.

Customer Service

All our staff are experienced in sales, management, and customer service, which shows

through their ability to acclimatize quickly to alterations and their willingness to work with

a client until satisfaction is reached. Our staff and instructors are constantly aware of

client needs and will do their best to adjust accordingly.


Because OfficePro is a small company, we have the agility necessary to adapt to client requests quickly and because our chain of command is short, there is no miscommunication and no waiting. Just modification and execution. 


Due to our longevity, we have solid relationships with well-known courseware vendors that

allows us to obtain high quality courseware for lower prices, and in turn the savings is passed

onto our clients. In addition, we work with subject matter experts and content developers

to create high quality content in a modular format that enables us to quickly and easily

tailor it to our client’s specific needs.

Saves Time and Money

Our targeted approach is both time saving and cost-effective. After determining the

client’s needs, we tailor the course to focus on the relevant topics promoting the efficiency

of time spent in the classroom and courseware production costs.​​

We often function as our client’s partners in their training efforts rather than their training vendor. Developing long standing relationships that allow us to better serve them as we get to know their organizational culture and needs.