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Types of Training

Instructor-Led, Hands On Training (ILT)

Live training in client-chosen facilities with progressive teaching for learners of all experience.

Within this class type, we provide full day and half day classes.

Virtual Training (vILT)

This mode of training can be provided in three ways:

  • A pre-recorded video provided to the client via any platform
  • A live classroom where students attend both in-person and virtually
  • Virtual live demo with no interaction


An audio and visual class through any webinar service— whether through

our webinar service, GoToWebinar, WebEx, or the client's particular webinar service.


Short 3 hour or half-day classes that cover a specific aspect of any software in-depth.

We generally call these workshops 3 Hours of Power, and two such examples are 'Creating Forms in Word' or 'Budget Basics in Excel'.

Seminars/Demonstration Training

A teaching session that provides an overview or general demonstration of a software.

This type of class is useful for marketing purposes and provides assistance in migrating employees to new software.


Where our instructors teach while you eat.