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The Benefits of Our Training

As technology trainers, we know its important to partner with the right people, which is why we are partnered with multiple companies so that you can get the most out of the classes you take with us. 

If you take one of our classes, you can earn the following credits:

  • InfoComm Learning Credits (RUs)

  • Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

We also provide these supplemental services:

Mobile Lab

OfficePro owns its own mobile lab, consisting of 18 laptops. This allows us to teach anywhere or test anywhere as the laptops each have the Microsoft Office Suite and are also Pearson testing enabled.

Roving Training

OfficePro will provide a knowledgeable professional to spend the day at client offices providing a series of one-on-one training sessions to individuals with a specific question regarding an application learned in one of our classes or in reference to a project they are working on. 

After Class Support

OfficePro offers one year of after class support to students who attend our hands-on classes with questions on topics covered in class. Visit After Class Support to submit a question.

Certification Testing

In addition to a training service, our offices also function as a certified Pearson and Kryterion testing center. You can take our classes then pass the test all through OfficePro. Click here to locate our office for testing.


After a course is completed, OfficePro is happy to provide available certificates of completion for course attendees if a client so chooses.