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Test Center FAQs

How do I schedule a test?

You can schedule a test mulitple ways. If you are wanting to take a Pearson test, you can either call them, go to their website, or you can call us. In our experience, online has been the easiest and preferred method by past testers. 

What should I bring to the test?

You should bring your confirmation email and two forms of ID. These forms of ID include

  1. Government ID (drivers license, passport, military ID, etc) and
  2. Secondary form of ID (i.e. a SIGNED credit card, a social security card, employee ID, etc.) 

Where can I park? 

We recommend you either park on the street, in the parking garage, or to the left of the Diya Restaurant parking lot. 

What can I bring into the testing room?

Nothing. Other than your identification cards, testers are not allowed to bring in any personal items; this includes loose cash or change, any receipts or scraps of paper in pockets, watches, and more.

Are food and drink acceptable in the testing room?

Under no conditions are you allowed to bring food or drink into the testing room. 

Does it matter what time I start the test?

It does as the scheduling from test to test is often tight. That being said, your test does not automatically start without you, it only begins when the proctor starts it, so in that sense, it doesn't matter when time you start the test, as long as it is within the scheduled time frame. 

What happens when I finish the test?

Depending on the test, you will either be shown your scores, asked to take a survey, or it will just end. Go ahead and exit the testing room when the test is finished, bring whatever note board, note paper, or writing implements the proctor gave you and a proctor will assist you. 

I need to reschedule; how does that work?

To reschedule you must call Pearson or Kryterion. They can assist you in rescheduling. 

I need to bring in medicine or a personal item into the testing center due to a medical condition; is that acceptable?

Bringing in any type of medicine or medical items is considered an special accommodation and must be authorized by the testing provider (so Pearson or Kryterion) or the test sponsor. To register this accommodation, you should call Pearson or Kryterion. As proctors, we are not authorized to allow the use of medicine or other medical supplies. 

Certification Testing

As part of our mission to encourage learning and promote professional development, OfficePro is a certified test proctoring center for Pearson Vue and Kryterion. We hope that by offering these services, professionals will be further inspired to learn and get certified knowing there is a clean, spacious, comfortable testing facility nearby. 

To take a test, we recommend contacting us to schedule a date and time. 

  • To schedule a Kryterion test, call (602) 659-4660 or schedule online through your test sponsor.

Please note:

Since we are a proctoring center, not the test provider or sponsor, we are limited in our authorization to assist testers.

  • For important information (such as voucher information, special accommodations, etc.) please call your test sponsor, Pearson or Kryterion.
  • For information regarding our testing center or to confirm your appointment, please refer to FAQs below, or feel free to call us.
  • Directions to our testing center