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Since 1984 OfficePro has operated as the most effective and comprehensive computer training company in the DC/Maryland/Virginia region, whose quality and dedication to advancing professionals is expanding nationally and globally. Our success distinguishes us as trustworthy trainers who clients know will do their best in providing the most engaging and detailed training possible in Microsoft, security IT, and soft skills. 

This quality of training is a result of our company’s twofold ideologies: first, to identify client needs and second, to be a partner, rather than a provider, in accomplishing a client’s training goals. We work directly with managers and team leaders to clarify training needs, and with our subject matter experts, to develop customized curriculums with tailored content that pinpoints and efficiently targets every client’s specific objectives. We ensure the fulfillment of client needs by providing supplemental services such as roving training, a mobile lab, and after class support that extends learning beyond the class day.  

Our dedication to every client manifests through our instructors, our staff, and courseware. To ensure effective instruction, we handpick highly-qualified, expert instructors whose knowledge works hand-in-hand with their real-world experience in IT and instruction. Experienced in sales, management, and customer service, our in-office staff is dedicated to working with clients to fulfill a wide variety of training needs and adapting quickly to any changes the client requires. In addition to our quality instructors and staff, long-standing relationships with courseware vendors allow us to select the most appropriate materials for the specific training requested. 

We have assisted thousands of companies, counties, and government agencies since our origins in 1984. Our company's slogan has become experience, customization, innovation. We hold this as our mantra because as a company, we experienced the past; we customize the present; and we will be innovating the future. Will you innovate with us? 




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"experts develop customized curriculums with tailored content"

"We ensure the fulfillment of class needs"